Chopard Milano

14 via della Spiga, Milano (It)

A true luxury brand, as well as the quality and exclusivity of products, is distinguished also for its ability to offer to its customers a qualitative treatment.
Starting from the atmosphere that reigns in the boutiques to personalized service after every purchase. In its over 150 years of history, the maison Swiss Chopard has always been faithful to these principles.
And the boutique in Via della Spiga in Milan is the confirmation.
Everything is designed to create a warm, refined that welcomes the customer according to his “habits”. Because every customer is different.
Customers have needs, passions and different expectations. For example, as told by David Traxler CEO of Chopard Italy: “Our experience has taught us that while women love to explore, turn in search of their object of desire, the male customer preferably avoids the stairs.” Therefore, in the new boutique built on two floors, connected by a major crystal staircase, the men’s collections are housed on the ground floor. In a setting reminiscent of a living room. Or rather, the dining privèe a club for only gentleman, furnished with leather chairs, bookcases, paintings and old photographs on the walls. And where everything revolves around the large fireplace, a distinctive spaces Chopard in the world. Returning to Milan, the warmth of the boutique (increased from one hundred to 280 square meters) continues on the first floor. Realm of female customers, it also situated a VIP room “where they can be presented the most exclusive pieces of fine jewelry and watches that make it unique and the world famous fashion house founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard and acquired in 1963 by the Scheufele family.”

The new concept of the boutique in Milan was built by French architect Thierry W. Despont who in 2007 started the new course architecture of the house, starting from the Chopard shop in New York.

Exists in Italy with six boutique (Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Bologna and Naples) and in a hundred multibrand, Chopard in the rest of the world has 137 single-brand boutiques and over 1,300 jewelers super selected.